This is the personal website of John Ankarström. Here are a few facts about me:

  • I come from Sweden.
  • I study Russian at Uppsala University, as part of a bachelor’s program in linguistics.
  • Apart from Swedish1, English and Russian, I know German, some Dutch and a little Indonesian.
  • I’ve been online, in the sense of running a website, more or less regularly since 2008.
  • Among my other interests are:
    • Technology
      • Web development and programming
      • Unix-like operating systems
      • Older versions of Microsoft Windows
    • Christian philosophy and theology
      • Nature of the afterlife
      • Religious art and literature
    • Music
      • Playing the piano and the guitar
      • Listening to music (mostly from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s)

Personal technology

I have three computers that I more or less regularly use: my custom-built desktop computer (currently running Windows XP), my ThinkPad T41 (currently running Windows 2000) and my ThinkPad X1 Carbon (usually running some variant of Linux or BSD).

Since autumn 2019, my cellphone is a Nokia 6310i. I don’t currently own any smartphone, but I generally prefer iPhone over Android. For portable music and podcasts, I use an iPod (7th generation), which I synchronize using MediaMonkey, as iTunes doesn’t support any of the operating systems that I currently use.

Stretching the definition of the word technology, I can also tell you that I own a white Volvo 244 from 1990.

Site technology

The server hosting this site runs Alpine Linux and is provided by Linode.

Paradoxically, I’ve found that the best way to reduce maintenance overhead is to write all pages by hand2. As a result of that, not all pages look the same (you might consider it a feature and not a bug).

The website is generally designed to work with Internet Explorer 5 and up, but because different pages have been written at different times, it may not all look perfect in all browsers.

Some pages, like this one, support clickable footnotes, which open in a frame to the left, which follows the viewpoint as it is scrolled. For a demonstration, click here. It should work in Internet Explorer 5 and up. Other pages have footnotes immediately below or in the margin next to the paragraph. Some pages have no footnotes at all.


The best way to contact me is via e-mail. To find out my e-mail address, take the domain of this website and exchange the first period for an at symbol (@).

E-mail is also the best way to leave comments on any of the articles here, as the website currently doesn’t have any dynamic comments system or guest book.