c is a simple program that opens a provided path in cmd. c C:\path\to\directory is equivalent to cmd /k cd C:\path\to\directory, but c has two important benefits:

  1. It is shorter to type.
  2. It works even if you provide the path to a file.

In fact, it works even if provide the path to a non-existent file, because it checks only whether the provided path is a directory or not, not whether it actually exists.

Put this in your path, and you’ll have a quick way to open any directory in a command prompt. For instance, to open the currently opened Explorer path, hit Alt-D to select the address bar, Ctrl-C to copy, Win-R to open a Run... dialog, type “c ”, hit Ctrl-V to paste and finally hit Enter. Again, it also works with file paths, which is very handy.

Note: Currently, if you run c when already in a command prompt, it will not work very well. I haven’t gotten around to fixing this.